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We here at the Western Hills Humane Society offer two programs to help our community members! We do not like seeing any animal or person in distress and we love to help out in any way we can! Scroll down to see what we can do for you and your furry friend. 

Senior for Senior

Western Hills Humane Society is pleased to offer a new program called Seniors for Seniors. Rediscover the joys of having a furry companion that is mutually beneficial and enriching. Our program matches senior cats (typically over 8 years) with senior citizens in the Spearfish, South Dakota area who are at least 62 years young.



  • The company of a furry friend has been proven to reduce depression. Petting a cat reduces feelings of stress and anxiety in seniors almost immediately. Pets are inherently playful and they have an exceptional way of making us smile, laugh and experience joy.

  • Companion pets can help improve physical and mental health. Many senior owners experience reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity.

  • Cats provide friendship which lessens loneliness which helps provide a new sense of purpose.

  • Senior pets offer tender and calm companionship.

  • Studies show that opening our homes to pets can give a sense of responsibility, increased alertness, and a sense of security, paired with unconditional love and affection which is impossible to calculate. 

Check out this website that was given to us by Liz who is with an online learning program within our community. This article has some really great information to add about the benefits of a senior citizen owning an animal!


How it Works 

  • You must be a qualified senior citizen, 65 or older.

  • We match you with a senior cat (8 years or older).

  • WHHS waives all of the adoption fees.

  • Pet ownership can be one of the most meaningful life experiences we can have.  Consider discovering the joys of adopting a senior pet through our Seniors for Seniors Program by calling WHHS at 605-642-1576.

Pet Pantry

When life throws a curveball the Pet Pantry Program will assist families to keep their pets.  The stress on a struggling household will sometimes resort to making a heartbreaking decision to surrender their furry family member and our goal is to help keep them together.  Whether the hardship is caused by economic hard times, health, or emergency-related circumstances, WHHS is prepared to temporarily lend a hand to ease the burden.  At a time when unconditional love from a pet is needed the most WHHS is working to assist family pets by helping them stay in their forever home where they belong.

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