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Animal Kingdom

Surrender Information

If you are thinking about surrendering your animal to us please read the following information:


If you are bringing in a cat or dog that is not up to date on shots we ask a $50.00 surrender fee to get those done. If you are bringing in a male dog that is not fixed/has no shots we ask a $150.00 surrender fee. If you are bringing in a female dog that is not fixed/has no shots we ask for a $200.00 surrender fee. 


We service the Lawrence County area and Belle Fourche. Under special circumstances we will service other counties. If you are not in these areas we will not take your animal unless our shelter has a lot of opens kennels. If you live in Wyoming we will NOT take your animal please go to the nearest animal shelter in your state. 

Vet Records

If you have taken your animal to the vet please provide us with those records or your veterinary clinics number so we can receive those records. It will be easier for us and a lot cheaper for you!  


If your dog is aggressive towards people we will not take it. We need to make sure we can give a good quality of life to each animal that resides at our shelter. If we cannot take care of your dog because it is aggressive and will hurt us we will not be able to do our job. 

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