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Adoption Application


Adoption Application Terms & Conditions

  1. I agree to take this animal and provide the proper humane treatment and care (food, water, shelter, vaccinations, possible medical care, training, safety, protection, socialization, and attention) that this animal requires. If this animal does not receive proper care, Western Hills Humane Society reserves the right to remove this animal from its adoptive home and bring it back to the shelter. This animal will not be used for the purpose of breeding, fighting, or medical research.

  2. The Western Hills Humane Society is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident, or injury resulting from the placement of an animal in my household.

  3. I will agree to allow a member of the staff to inspect my premises by request.

  4. If I return this animal outside of the specified trial period (default of five days), there will be no refund of any adoption fees. If the animal is returned more than two weeks after the adoption date, I agree to pay the surrender fee established for that date (to help provide for the animal).

  5. Health Waiver is as follows:

  • I understand that Western Hills Humane Society cannot guarantee the health or future temperament of this animal.

  • This animal has come in as a stray, owner relinquished or as part of a cruelty case. The animal may never have been seen by a veterinarian prior to arriving at our shelter.

  • The animal could be harboring a disease that is not immediately apparent or detectable.

  • Some common illnesses/medical conditions that are often associated with homeless animals include, but are not limited to, internal parasites, external parasites, and upper respiratory infections. Some of these conditions are transmittable to your pets, your family, or yourself.

  • I, the new owner, is responsible for any future health expenses beyond what WHHS has already provided.

  • If the animal has known health issues I accept the cost associated with these conditions.

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Printable Application

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