13 Days of Gratitude | Tickles

Tickles arrived at the shelter in December 2008 as a very shy and very timid kitten.

She went into a room with other kittens and young cats, most of whom were very friendly, energetic, and determined to get love from any human that walked through the door – often shoving aside less determined cats and smaller, shy kittens.

Tickles, on the other hand, spent most of her first two years hiding from larger cats and human visitors in the safety found by crawling under objects and furniture. Tickles has miniature legs (a natural genetic mutation), which made her shorter than other cats and was missing the last half of her tail.

While most humans never even knew she was in the room, she would come out for treats and scratches from a very few of the regular and patient (and stubborn) volunteers.

Over the next four years, Tickles moved from one room of the shelter to another, watching many employees and volunteers come and go as well as the hundreds of cats who were adopted to homes and barns.

She suffered occasional ear mites, respiratory ailments and other health problems brought into shelters by new strays. She lost her teeth to a gum disorder and developed eye problems due to an inability to produce tears.

Tickles is an example of a cat that had needed above and beyond the routine care. The only way we can provide care for these types of situations is to receive additional donations from generous businesses and individuals that help to support the work we do.

As a no-kill shelter, our heart is always on the side of the animals and because of this kindness and generosity; we were able to provide for Tickles’ specific issues.


Tickles’ patience was rewarded when her favorite volunteer finally realized that she was the only human that Tickles truly adored. The volunteer went home and convinced her husband that they needed another cat.

These days, Tickles starts her mornings waking her humans up by licking their toes, sleeping on chairs (only if they’re under a table), and learning to play.

A special cat like Tickles takes a special family. Would a special pet like Tickles be a good addition to your family? We’d love to introduce one of the many current guests – cats and dogs – this holiday season. Stop by our shelter anytime during our normal business hours.

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