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Spay/Neuter: What you should know

Although we do not provide this procedure at our Humane Society, we want to stress how important it is to get your pets spayed or neutered. Your local veterinarian will be able to do this procedure.


Here are some basic facts about spaying and neutering that we want you to know:


  • Spaying is for female dogs/cats; when a female dog is spayed the vet removes the ovaries and usually the uterus

  • Neutering is for the male dogs/cats; both testicles and their associated structures are removed.


Why should you spay/neuter your puppy/kitten?


Animal shelters, like ours, are constantly being filled with unwanted puppies/kittens because this procedure was not done. Spaying and Neutering will decrease the number of unwanted litters which will help decrease numbers in shelters.


It can keep your animal from running away and will help protect them from unwanted health altercations like uterine infection or testicular cancer.


This procedure has no effect on the intelligence of your animal or their ability to learn, play, work or hunt. In fact, some pets behave better following this procedure.


When should you spay/neuter your animal?


Typically, you want to do this procedure when the puppy/kitten is about 6 months old. That being said, you should talk to your vet to get their expert opinion because many factors can influence the timing of spaying or neutering.


Recover from the spaying/neutering:


  • Keep your animal inside and away from other animals during the recovery period

  • Do not let your animal jump on or off things and run around for up to 2 weeks after the surgery, or as long as your vet advises

  • Do not let your animal lick the incision, this can be done with a cone or other resources recommended by your vet

  • Check the incision every day to make sure it is healing properly

  • Do not bathe the animal post-surgery for at least 10 days

  • As always, call your vet if you think something is wrong or have questions, they would love to help you out and answer whatever they can!


If you are interested in adopting a puppy or kitten from our shelter, there is a $75.00 spay/neuter deposit along with the cost: $185.00 for puppies and $50.00 for kittens. Please fill out our adoption form by clicking this link and bringing it into our shelter.

For more information about what cats and dogs are available at our Humane Society please call



If you are interested in reading more about spaying/neutering here are some reliable websites and articles to check out:

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