Seniors for Seniors

Western Hills Humane Society is pleased to offer a new program called Seniors for Seniors. Rediscover the joys of having a furry companion that is mutually beneficial and enriching. Our program matches senior dogs and cats (typically over 8 years) with senior citizens in the Spearfish, South Dakota area who are at least 62 years young.

WHHS VolunteerBenefits

  • The company of a furry friend has been proven to reduce depression. Petting a dog or a cat reduces feelings of stress and anxiety in seniors almost immediately. Pets are inherently playful and they have an exceptional way of making us smile, laugh and experience joy.
  • Companion pets, can help improve physical and mental health. Many senior owners experience reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity.
  • Cats and dogs provide friendship which lessens loneliness which helps provide a new sense of purpose.
  • Senior pets offer tender and calm companionship.
  • Studies show that opening our homes to pets can give a sense of responsibility, increased alertness and sense of security, paired with unconditional love and affection which is impossible to calculate.

How it Works 

  • You must be a qualified senior citizen, 62 or older.
  • We match you with a senior dog or cat (8 years or older).
  • WHHS waives all adoption fees.

Pet ownership can be one of the most meaningful life experiences we can have.  Consider discovering the joys of adopting a senior pet through our Seniors for Seniors Program by calling WHHS at 605-642-1576.