Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team!

We have a wonderful team of people that work hard every day to make sure these loving animals feel safe and secure at the Humane Society. Without them, there would not be a Humane Society and we are grateful for their willingness to help these special animals. Our team has accepted the responsibility as guardians and protectors of each animal and they promote a compassionate vision of the way companion animals are valued.

Dustin is the operations manager

Jen is the administrator

Chelsea is the ultimate caretaker for the animals.

Carlie is a kennel tech. She helps out in any way she can whether that be laundry, dishes, or cleaning, we can always count on her to help the shelter out with anything.

Although these are their job titles each and every one of these employees all work together to make sure these animals feel loved and comfortable at the shelter until they find their forever home. They all pitch in and make sure the jobs that need to get done get accomplished.


Jen, Chelsea, and Dustin
Not Pictured: Carlie