13 Days of Gratitude | Molly

Molly came to the shelter as a trailer park dog from Whitewood, South Dakota.


“December 1st was a sad morning at Western Hills Humane Society: Molly our senior resident died in the early morning hours due to old age. Although Molly did not get to find her furever home, she was loved by many people- regardless of where she lived. She had a special friend named Kathy who took her out of the shelter on weekends where she would roll in the grass in her yard.
Molly was probably one of the most stubborn, but lovable, dogs I have ever met. Molly loved meal time, rolling in the snow, and she recently made a new friend at our shelter: our hound dog Norris.
We would like to thank visitors who spent their free time hanging out with our special girl, and everyone who would take the time to walk her.
Molly was lucky to have donors who donated to her tumor removal surgery, dental, and specialty food. Those special donors made her life at our no-kill shelter comfortable.”
When she came to stay with us in 2014, Molly was about 20 pounds overweight and had tumors on her front legs. 
A year went by, and when she began to lose her teeth we scheduled a dental cleaning for her. At the veterinarian’s office, they found a non-operable tumor throughout her abdomen.
Issues like this come up when we have older animals at our shelter. The only way we can provide the above and beyond care for our senior guests is to receive additional donations from businesses and individuals. As a non-kill shelter, our heart is always on the side of the animals, but to continue, we must often ask for additional donations. Because of this kindness and generosity, we have been able to provide for Molly’s specific issues.
We will miss our special girl, but are grateful for the generosity she received that helped to enhance her life here with us. 
Would you like to give a senior dog like Molly a furever home with your family? We’d love to introduce one to you this holiday season. Stop by our shelter anytime during our normal business hours.
We also invite you to make a donation today in support of the additional care needed for our senior guests while they are here with us. Just click here to securely make a cash donation. And thank you!