13 Days of Gratitude | Lizzy & Wija

Sometimes at WHHS, we receive animals who have more emotional issues than physical scars.

Lizzy came to WHHS in bad shape.


No veterinarian wanted to speculate how her face was burned and she was covered in hundreds of ticks, fleas, and worms. Her emotional scars were even larger than her physical injuries.

Lizzy made a canine friend at the shelter, Snarf, who helped her come out of her shell and recover from some of the emotional damage she was dealing with.

When we receive an animal like Lizzy, we take extra time and care to rehabilitate them so that they can find a forever home. This often takes additional time and effort which we are able to provide due to the donations provided.

Lizzy was successfully adopted in 2014.


Wija was brought to WHHS by a rancher after she killed a few chickens.


She was terrified and obviously traumatized, fearful of our staff and visitors, and wary of shelter life.

Wija was adopted to a sweet family who tried hard with her, but she ran away immediately after being adopted and went missing for two weeks. Once she was found, she lived with her new family for four months. Wija was returned to WHHS in September due to this issue and others- running deeper then one family could handle.

WHHS staff realized that half of her jaw was in need of dental work due to her previous trauma, so we scheduled a dental appointment for Wija.

Tracy Miller from Billabong Dog Training also offered to train and help her at her facility, free of charge.

Wija is currently in training and will work through her issues with a professional in hopes she will lead a happy, trauma-free life.


The only way we can provide the above and beyond care for our traumatized guests is to receive additional donations from businesses and individuals. As a no-kill shelter, our heart is always on the side of the animals, but to continue, we must often ask for additional donations.

Because of this kindness and generosity, we were able to and have been able to provide for Lizzy’s and Wija’s specific issues.


Would you like to give a special dog like Lizzy or Wija a furever home with your family? We’d love to introduce one to you this holiday season. Stop by our shelter anytime during our normal business hours.

We also invite you to make a donation today in support of the additional care needed for our special-needs guests while they are here with us. Just click here to securely make a cash donation. And thank you!