13 Days of Gratitude | Kittens

As tiny as they may be, kittens are one of the biggest expenses at WHHS.




Every kitten in our care needs to be vaccinated, wormed, “boostered” for their vaccines, and altered. Many times, these little kitties do not have their moms and require foster care and milk replacement. Foster parents from Western Hills Humane Society get up every two to four hours to bottle-feed new babies, make sure they go to the bathroom, and essentially act as replacements for their mothers.


They put their heart and souls in these babies.


Each kitten that comes through our doors, if healthy, costs the shelter about $75.00. If they need extra care, it costs the shelter anywhere between $150.00 and $200.00. One of our biggest expenses is Kitten Milk Replacer- at $25.00 a can, we spent over $500.00 in milk replacer alone this year. WHHS took in over 125 kittens in 2015, and we currently have more kittens staying with us than usual (which we think may be the result of how warm the weather has been).


We are only able to provide above and beyond care for these babies by receiving additional donations from businesses and individuals. As a no-kill shelter, our heart is always on the side of the animals, but to continue, we must often ask for additional donations.

Would you like to give an adorable kitty a furever home with your family? We’d love to introduce one to you this holiday season, but stress to all that our furry friends are meant to be part of the family, not a gift.

Stop by our shelter anytime during our normal business hours to meet all of current kitten guests!

We also invite you to make a donation today in support of the additional care needed for these babies while they are here with us. Just click here to securely make a cash donation.  And thank you!