13 Days of Gratitude | Jinx

Jinx has been coming and going to and from WHHS for years, at no fault of his own.


Between moving situations and various owner-surrenders, he always came back to us.

After we noticed Jinx too-frequently urinating and just not thriving at WHHS, he was diagnosed with Diabetes, a major responsibility to care for in an animal. One of our amazing employees offered to take care of his needs, giving him insulin shots and taking Jinx to his veterinarian visits for blood work.

Within six months his vet care cost exceeded $1,000.00.

The only way we can provide the above and beyond care for our senior and special-needs guests is to receive donations from businesses and individuals. As a non-kill shelter, our heart is always on the side of the animals, but to continue, we must often ask for additional donations.

Because of this kindness and generosity, we have were able to provide for Jinx’s specific needs, and WHHS staff member Kati adopted Jinx.

Today, Jinx is happy and healthy in Kati’s home and being cared for.

Would you like to give a cat like Jinx a furever home with your family? We’d love to introduce one to you this holiday season. Stop by our shelter anytime during our normal business hours.
We also invite you to make a donation today in support of the additional care needed for our senior guests while they are here with us. Just click here to securely make a cash donation. And thank you!