13 Days of Gratitude | Gizmo’s Fund

Gizmo arrived at WHHS in the winter of 2013 as a surrender due to his family’s allergies.


Gizmo was not a happy camper when he arrived, but we couldn’t help but smile at his crossed-eyed, grumpy demeanor. He moved along at WHHS and entered our cattery with 29 other feline friends, and we came to find that Gizmo loved to play with dried leaves for hours. Soon, he began growing quite plump living at WHHS.

In the spring of 2015, Gizmo tore two of his ACL’s and, per veterinarian recommendation, he was removed from our cattery to a kennel. He still needed exercise, though, and was allowed to roam our building during working hours.

Unfortunately, Gizmo escaped his kennel one day after-hours and climbed into the back of our pop machine. Due to his perfectly plump condition, he soon was stuck in the machine.

Twenty hours later, we came to the office and were searching for Gizmo when a staff member heard him inside of the machine. He had wires wrapped around his neck and was very dehydrated and, understandably, terrified. A neighbor helped wrangle Gizmo out of the machine, and he was promptly rushed to Spearfish Animal Hospital.

Gizmo was treated for dehydration and had minor burns from having his body wrapped around the pop machine’s motor for hours. After Gizmo was released from the vet, more burns began appearing all over his body.

His trauma was far worse than we had first realized.

After weeks of taking care of him at the shelter, we took Gizmo back to the veterinarian’s office, but Gizmo passed as a result of his wounds in the middle of the night.

In honor of our feline friend, WHHS has put in place a fund for donations that will benefit animals who are in need of extra veterinarian care, which may include dental needs, surgeries, specialty food and other needs our animals have. Brenda and Becky have appropriately named it “Gizmo’s Fund.”

We are truly grateful for the donations and assistance we have received that have helped us to be able to provide for Gizmo’s and our other guests’ specific needs.
For more information on donating to WHHS, click here. Again, thank you to all of you for your generosity.