13 Days of Gratitude: Day 8 | Miss Grace

Senior cats make great pets. Often our senior dogs and cats have special needs and required care which means they can stay with us longer. Miss Grace found her “furever” home through the gift of foster care! Maybe there is a place in your heart and home for one of our senior guests – either as a foster human or forever human? Read on…


My name is Miss Grace, formally knows as Teddy, and I was found and came to the Western Hills Humane Society in April of 2015 under unknown circumstances. I was extremely thin and had matted hair and bad teeth so I was given a shave and my teeth were extracted. Burr and ouch!

One day I spied a couple who were looking for a certain dog that had already been adopted so I lured them in with my sweet personality …. not to mention my lack of hair (talk about a conversation piece!). They were so nice, I could tell right away. A few days later I actually went home with them as a foster cat who needed one on one care. Little did my foster family know that I would become sick and end up in the kitty hospital for a week to find out I had multiple heath issues. By this time they loved me and I never returned to the humane society because they became my forever family. Score one for the cute, adorable, loveable and sweet senior cat!

All this would require daily medications, temporary IV hydrations, special food, and care. Learning to eat without teeth and teaching them how to hold by bowl just right and what food I liked was quite a task. Who says you can’t teach old cats new tricks! I did gain weight but being an old girl I will always be thin. Since I don’t groom anymore, I have mastered the art of getting them to brush and comb me at least twice a day. My hair is long so sometimes I get a little haircut, but nothing like that first one!

Now I do have to include this little sister that I inherited, a dog named Zoey, who loves me a bit more than I love her, but I’m still the boss even though she doesn’t know I’m harmless. Now who’s smarter, the dog or cat!

I am now doing better than expected and my new family loves me and wishes that I would have always been theirs. I know this because I’ve heard them say it. Lucky I am to have a home where I’m loved and well taken care of. Not to mention my awesome heated kitty bed!

A special thank you to Dr. Sandra Holcomb D.V.M, Jeanie at Jeanie’s Pet Grooming, Western Hills Humane Society, and my forever family. Thank you for my care, help and love. Miss Grace

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There are times we have animals that come into WHHS who need more attention, or special needs and we reach out to our foster parents. Being a foster parent is a heart-tugging experience. From bottle feeding kittens every two hours, to caring for a pregnant canine, and helping her give birth, caring for the sick or emotionally hurt. Our foster parents are AMAZING!

Would you consider making a donation today in support of the work we do? We are always looking for foster parents too!

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We are incredibly grateful for each of you reading this today and look forward to sharing our stories of gratitude over the next 13 days.