13 Days of Gratitude: Day 6 | Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes was born at Western Hills Humane Society on 07-09-16, along with 4 other siblings, a perfect duplicate of her mother; a beautiful, tailless muted calico.


After a vet checkup when Bright Eyes was about 9 weeks old we learned that this sweet baby was born with Manx Syndrome, a form of spina bifida where the spinal cord and vertebrae fail to develop properly. A few traits of this syndrome include: a bunny-hop gait, incontinence, weakness in the hind legs and no tail.

bright-eyes3-25185It was no surprise that Bright Eyes was the smallest of the bunch but as she grew, her larger than life personality began to take shape. Outspoken, adventurous, playful and cuddly; when it was bath-time she would purr loudly, shoot off running around the office lobby, then snuggle up in her towel for some loves and kisses. Staff and volunteers were dedicated to keeping her clean and comfortable, bathing her daily as needed.

We knew that it was going to take an exceptional family to adopt this special needs kitty, but Bright Eyes, now Maggie Mae found her devoted family who showers her with unconditional love. Maggie Mae’s mom is amazed at her ability to adapt to any environment, saying that she’s comfortable everywhere, enjoys car rides and romping around with her two Chihuahua sisters.

She looks like one happy kitty to us!


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We are incredibly grateful for each of you reading this today and look forward to sharing our stories of gratitude over the next 13 days.