13 Days of Gratitude: Day 4 | Kate

Sometimes a dog fits into our lives perfectly, like Kate!

Kate arrived at Western Hills Humane Society a terrified dog. Although she was adopted out once, and despite the family’s best intentions for her to bond with them, she ended back up at the shelter.

In stepped Tracy….


“As a professional trainer and breeder of border collies, how did I end up with this wonderful little English shepherd? To make a long story short, little Kate fell into my lap, and I offered to train her up free for the shelter, lol…ok we all knew I was going to keep her!

Kate has fit into our lives perfectly. She is an awesome house dog, will work sheep, I’m getting her ready to show in obedience, and has made an over the top loyal all around great pup to do any kind of activity with. Kate is 100% in tune with my every move. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life!

In truth Kate’s best attribute, is not her obedience or herding talents, but that she is soooo bonded to me. She is absolutely perfect to live with. I know that’s hard for some people to understand and not that big of a deal. In a kennel full of working dogs, Kate is my mellow child and my go-to dog when I need a dog to just be a dog! I guess she is my only true “pet”, lol.

I’m so glad you guys helped her into my life 🙂


Tracy Kobberdahl.”

reading-program-1-34190-2WHSS SUMMER READING PROGRAM

Youth have the chance to practice reading aloud to supportive, enthusiastic — and four-legged — listeners during the Spearfish summer reading program. The months of June and July 2016 we had bi-weekly readers at WHHS. Reading program participants marked time on their reading logs when they come to the shelter to read to the dogs and cats, and in addition to the reading the youth did activities promoting responsible pet ownership!


Some dogs are meant to be a part of our lives!

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We are incredibly grateful for each of you reading this today and look forward to sharing our stories of gratitude over the next 13 days.