13 Days of Gratitude: Day 11 | Gracie

gracie-84719After my 18-year-old Oscar crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August, I was devastated. He had been my pillow buddy through all of my illnesses. I wasn’t sure I should get another cat because of my age and I still had three kitties.

After much arguing with myself, I decided I would look for an older cat that was in need of a “furever” home. I had already decided I would name my new cat Gracie. The next morning I started checking out the older cats at Western Hills Humane Society website. I was totally surprised when I found a cat named Gracie. She had been at the shelter for three years and was around four years old. I immediately sent a message asking if Gracie was still available. She was and I submitted an application to adopt her. My application was accepted and I went to pick her up the next day. I fell in love with her immediately and I brought her home. She is everything I could have wanted. She likes to sleep with me. She is still trying to “love” our other three cats and trying to find her place in the hierarchy of the cat kingdom in our home.

Both my husband and son think she is rather special, too. She is so loving and pretty so we’ve given her a more regal name. She is now known as Gracie Anne. She had several mats in her fur so she now has a new fur cut and looks like a mini gray lion. I am so happy she came into my life.

– Elaine


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