13 Days of Gratitude: Day 10 | Martin

Martin was found tied to a tree by a gentleman on the side of the road. Martin had deep wounds on his side and neck, and was brought to WHHS after he received vet care. Martin had the sweetest disposition and everyone who met him fell instantly in love. The gentleman who found him wanted to adopt him, and had previously adopted a cat from WHHS. After Martin’s wounds healed and the vet gave them thumbs up on his recovery, Martin was happily adopted by the man who found him tied to the side of the road! Let’s hear his story!


“I adopted Martin November 2015 and he is named Martin, which comes from a Zac Brown song and his middle name is Zac.  My Mom passed away and it left a lonesome spot in our home.  Martin filled that vacancy immediately when he chose Mom’s chair as his favorite in the house.  He was scared, timid and his surroundings were intimidating when he arrived.  He found peace and safety in that chair and I cried to see him settle in and to know what it all meant.

Martin has a wonderful personality, he is lovable and enjoys returning love.  He is smart and learns things easily.  He goes to the picture window when I tell him I am leaving and I get a kiss good-by.  He wears a collar and is trained to be on a leash and now a small rope so he can be outdoors.  He enjoys a “cat playpen” that was sent to us from one of my friends.   Some of his other accomplishments are “high fives’ when he is fed, catching bugs, catching grasshoppers and alerting me to a spider in the house and waking me up at 5 AM! He also alerts me when someone is coming to the door. A friend

He also alerts me when someone is coming to the door. A friend recommended that Martin have his own Facebook page as he is very photogenic and  gets many “likes” when his picture is posted.

He is a normal cat, playing with balls to watch them move, playing with shredded paper and taking naps with me, hiding in a box scaring me.  He recognizes commands such as “get out of there”, “let’s go”, “don’t do that”, and “run Martin run”.  He knows when I call out “Martin Zac” that he is in trouble.

Martin has mended a broken heart and he means so much to me each and every day. Someone brought us together for a perfect match and I am forever thankful.”


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