13 Days of Gratitude | Bentley

Bentley came into our shelter when his owner of a few years brought him to us as an owner surrender.

photoBentley was a sad little Corgi when he arrived: his first night at the shelter, Western Hills Humane Society’s Becky sat in his kennel after-hours holding him.

After a few weeks passed, Becky gave Bentley the nickname of “manipulative Corgi”- he sure knew how to play the sad-puppy-dog-eyes card to get his way around WHHS! From employees sharing their lunches and Bentley being allowed to run free around our shelter, he had us all wrapped around his little paw.

A few months later, a family member of Bentley’s future furever home saw his post on Facebook and contacted us through Facebook messager. Her cousin’s pair of Corgis were lost a few years before in the same town Bentley’s former family was from, and she believed he might possibly be one of the lost dogs.

The very next day, the cousin came to the shelter to see if it was his lost dog, and it was!

He was a little discouraged as Bentley (originally named Dolly, as we came to find out) did not seem to recognize him, but we loaded them up in the vehicle and once Bentley/Dolly was taken back to the ranch, he felt right at home.

Two years away from each other, this loveable little lost dog and his pal were reunited through Facebook.



We’re so grateful for the support and engagement we get through our Facebook page, from cases like Bentley’s to the quick reactions we get when we send out a post asking for donations.


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