13 Days of Gratitude | August and September

In the Fall of 2014, WHHS received an anonymous tip regarding an animal hoarding situation.
photo 1 (1)Partnering with Lawrence County Sherriff’s Department and Spearfish’s Animal Control Officer Tate Hayford, we entered the home and found six dogs with various health issues, 19 cats, four rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs. The homeowners volunteered to surrender the animals that were in need of veterinarian care.
August and September are 3-year-old beagle mixes, who were both extremely overweight when they came to stay with us. Both girls should have weighed approximately 25 pounds, but August weighed in at 45 lbs. and September at 67 lbs. Both dogs were terrified and wouldn’t leave their kennel at the shelter for three days.
August and September both needed health checks, which also required blood work, to determine if they had any thyroid issues due to being overweight. August only needed to be put on a healthy diet regimen and given medications for an ear infection. September, on the other hand, required thyroid medication in addition to a healthier diet regimen.
photo 2 (1)
Both girls needed to be socialized. WHHS sent them into foster care, and with the love and support of their new parents, they slowly lost weight. September, with regular veterinarian care, began to feel better but will need to take her thyroid medication for the rest of her life.
Fast forward to May 2015: Both girls were returned to WHHS to be adopted as they were close to their target weight, socialized, and ready for their exciting future. August and September were adopted separately, thriving in their new homes.
The best part? They lost all the extra weight and both hit their target weight of 25 pounds!
Caring for these loveable dogs cost WHHS approximately $950.00 with the hoarding case.

The only way we can provide the above and beyond care for our guests is to receive donations from businesses and individuals. As a non-kill shelter, our heart is always on the side of the animals, but to continue, we must often ask for additional donations.

Because of this kindness and generosity, we have were able to provide for Septermber’s and August’s specific needs.

Would you like to give a dog like September or Auguest a furever home with your family? We’d love to introduce one to you this holiday season. Stop by our shelter anytime during our normal business hours.
We also invite you to make a donation today in support of the additional care needed for our senior guests while they are here with us. Just click here to securely make a cash donation. And thank you!